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Let yourself be fascinated by the beauties and hidden secrets of the Cradle of the Renaissance

Who I am

Hi! My name is Riccardo Lisi and I am a Certified Tourist Guide of Florence.
I was born and raised in a town a few kilometers from Florence and since I was a child I was fascinated by the beauty of my city.
At a young age I also discovered my love for Foreign Languages which eventually led me to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Florence and have various study / work experiences abroad, up to obtaining a scholarship as Spanish Teaching Assistant in order to study for a Master's Degree in Linguistics at Florida State University, USA.
At the age of 27 I decided to relocate myself in my beloved Florence where, since 2016, I have become a Certified Tourist Guide of Florence, which allows me to do what I love the most: show the beauties of my city to tourists from all over the world!
My desire is to make your experience special, sharing my knowledge about the History, Art and Culture of Florence in an informal and fun way with lots of ad hoc suggestions to make your stay special!

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