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Tailor Made Tours

Are you tired of the usual Classic Tours offers of walks , guided tours of the Uffizi Gallery or the Accademia Gallery?

Would you like to find out more about the beauties and secrets of Florence but you already know its main attractions and are you looking for something new?

Have you always wanted to explore one of the lesser known Florentine churches, a private garden or one of the "minor" museums?

Or maybe you are interested in Architecture or Street Art that can be found in every corner of the Tuscan capital?

Well, know that there are so many possibilities to organize your guided tour to discover the culture of Florence!

This page was created precisely in order to satisfy the expectations of those who wish to know a little more in depth the beauty of the Cradle of the Renaissance.

My goal is to tailor the perfect tour for each of my visitors!

Contact me and we will agree together the details of your visit, tailor-made to suit your interests!

Here are some examples:


Dante's Florence

A walk to discover the hidden secrets of medieval Florence retracing the life and meaning of the masterpieces of the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri.


Kids Friendly Tours

Tours of museums, gardens and walks aimed at a very young audience, stimulating curiosity and attention with thematic tours, treasure hunts, prize quizzes, etc.


The Oltrarno and Florentine Craftsmanship

The Oltrarno reveals itself with its excellence in the field of craftsmanship.

Inlays of semi-precious stones, Florentine paper, leather goods, antique dealers, framers, jewelers and much more.


Medici, Masters of Florence

Discover the story of the rise to power of the Medici family, the palaces from which they ruled Florence, and the places that were the protagonists of their patronage among tales of conjecture, exile, and many other curiosities.


Florentine Terraces

Be amazed by the most incredible breathtaking views of Florence to be enjoyed from the most beautiful public and private terraces of the Cradle of the Renaissance.


Florence and Street Art

A walk through the historic center of Florence in search of the masterpieces of the masters of Florentine Street Art, among the underwater characters of Blub, the street signs of Clet, the stylized characters of Exit / Enter, and much more.


Cruise in Barchetto on the Arno river

Discover Florence on a romantic cruise on the Arno. Sailing on the "Barchettoes" of the historic "Renaioli" you will be able to enjoy the Florentine beauties from a unique point of view.


Fiesole and the Path of the Scalpellini

Outing in the Florentine hills through the "Sentiero degli Scalpellini", a passage used for centuries by the workers in charge of extracting the stones useful for the architecture and sculpture of the Cradle of the Renaissance.


Dark Florence

A walk through the places that were the scene of assassinations, conspiracies, rivalries, betrayals and love stories with tragic implications, among the most interesting and significant in the history of Florence.


Florentine Gardens

Visit the most beautiful gardens in Florence where you can enjoy historical monuments, centuries-old plants and breathtaking views of the Cradle of the Renaissance.


Roman Florence

Tour to discover the Roman origins of the city, walking among cardi and decumani, to find the ancient forum, the theater, the termal baths, the amphitheater and the oldest walls of the city.


Jewish Florence

Discover the role that the Jewish population had in the history of Florence by visiting the beautiful Synagogue and the neighborhood that surrounds it where you can find Kosher delicacies and other typical shops.

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