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Signoria Palace

More than 700 years after its construction, Palazzo Signoria still maintains its role as the political center of Florence but at the same time houses a very important museum.

The beautiful statues and full-wall paintings of the Salone dei Cinquecento will welcome us introducing us to the history of the Cradle of Renaissance, while the ceiling paintings explain the deeds of some members of the Medici family. After visiting the monumental districts richly frescoed and decorated with Florentine commesso furniture and Renaissance paintings, we will enter the rooms where Cosimo I de Medici and his wife Eleonora di Toledo lived, until we find access to the Vasari Corridor and other public spaces of the palace, such as the Priori Chapel, the Hearing Room, the Room of Lilies and the room of the Geographic Maps.

The Signoria Palace gives us some of the most beautiful views of Florence but, if you want, on request you can also admire the city from the top of its highest tower, the Arnolfo's tower!

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